Why does the Council want Wokingham to be run down?


My regular walkabouts in different parts of the Borough bring home the damage Council policies are doing to our environment and urban fabric.

Everywhere I go there is the clutter of temporary yellow diversion signs and red closure signs. The roads are pock marked with so many potholes and eroded surfaces in a way that is quite new.

The failure to clean gutters and drains leaves the  roads and pavements flooded when it rains. Cars splash through growing puddles and sometimes get damaged hitting submerged potholes.

There is too much litter left around, with the Council cutting back on litter bins and waste collection. Maintenance of hedges and tree overhangs is poor.

The Council is wrecking California Crossroads and its shops and spending more money to draw up plans to damage other road junctions. It wants to cut the flows on the successful Woosehill roundabout access as it thinks Woosehill drivers and service providers have it too easy.m

The Council fails to rent out empty property it owns. It fails to put in place a new local plan to protect hs from unwanted additional development. It wants to cover fields with solar panels.

It seeks to stop people going into Wokingham town by extending the hours of car park charges and putting up the price.

Why does the Council so dislike us ? Why will it mot take sone pride in Wokingham and help keep it clean and friendly?

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