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Classic style appeals on a global scale as welters furniture items are traded across the planet.

FD Welters Ltd sideboard sold on www.rafuju.jp
FD Welters Ltd sideboard as sold on www.rafuju.jp

The welters® name has been synonymous with quality furniture making for almost 100 years. Although primarily serving the British markets, over time innumerous items have found themselves exported abroad, either through commercial outlets or more commonly accompanying families emigrating to far flung lands and bringing their beloved possessions with them.

The enduring style of welters® mid-century designs has meant that over the years their appeal has grown and now considered desirably vintage and very collectable, especially amongst young professionals, who combine classic styling with modern gadgetries, creating a retro-techno hybrid of interior design in which welters® furniture of this era is particularly suited. As such it is not uncommon to see such items appearing on various internationally based websites. Two most recent examples appeared on separate websites in Japan and featured the welters® sideboard and writing bureau/cabinet.

Writing bureau/cabinet sold on www.buyee.jp
Writing bureau/cabinet as sold on www.buyee.jp

Other items have appeared for sale across Europe and in countries such as America and Australia, which really illustrates the longevity of the appeal in the company’s legacy of classic furniture designs.

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