Update on measles cases


     The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health (DH) said today (April 20) that no additional case of measles infection has been recorded as at 4pm today.

     Regarding measles control measures implemented at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), a total of four persons received measles vaccination at the airport vaccination station as at 6pm today, bringing the cumulative number of vaccinations given to 8 247.

     From tomorrow (April 21) to April 28, the vaccination quota for the measles vaccination station at the airport remains at 500 doses daily. Vaccination for eligible airport staff will be provided to the following target groups who:

(1) Were born in or after 1967, and have not received two doses of measles vaccination, and have not been infected with measles before, and with evidence of living with infants under 1 year old or living with pregnant women; or

(2) Have laboratory evidence of testing not positive against measles antibody (IgG)

     Details of evidence are as follows:

(a) Supporting documents for living with infants under 1 year old: for example, birth certificate, discharge summary or vaccination card of the infant

(b) Supporting documents for living with pregnant women: for example, positive pregnancy tests or antenatal follow-up cards of the pregnant women

(c) Supporting documents for laboratory evidence: for example, blood results from the DH's measles serology test or any laboratory within the past 12 months

     The venue and operation hours of the airport vaccination station are as follows:

Venue: Multi-function Room, HKIA Tower (Level 5, Terminal 2)
Hours: April 21 to 28
10am to 1pm
2pm to 6pm

     As for the blood test service, the DH will continue to arrange the provision of a measles serology test service for airport staff to identify those who need the measles vaccination. A DH contractor will continue to provide the blood test service for about 200 airport staff who were born in or after 1967 daily from next Tuesday to Thursday (April 23 to 25). The blood test service will be suspended from Friday to Monday.

     The venue and operation hours of the airport blood test station are as follows:

Venue: South side before the Immigration Hall at Level 3 of Terminal 2
(non-restricted area)
Hours: April 23 to 25
9am to 1pm

     A hotline (2125 1122) has been set up for public enquiries and operates during office hours from Mondays to Fridays. A total of 3 223 enquiries have been received so far. 
     "The incubation period (the period from infection to appearance of illness) of measles ranges from seven days to 21 days. Symptoms of measles include fever, skin rash, cough, runny nose and red eyes. If symptoms arise, members of the public should wear surgical masks, stop going to work or school and avoid going to crowded places. They should also avoid contact with non-immune persons, especially persons with weakened immunity, pregnant women and children aged below 1. Those suspected to have been infected are advised to seek medical attention as early as possible and reveal relevant contact history of measles to healthcare professionals," the spokesman advised. 

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