Transcript of remarks by STL on fare adjustment at media session


     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Lam Sai-hung, at a media session on fare adjustment applications from non-rail public transport operators after attending a radio programme today (June 3):

Reporter: You mentioned that the number of fare adjustment applications may be higher as the local economy has not fully recovered. Do you think this is acceptable just because the data or the passenger numbers were not updated when the operators proposed this fare price?   

Secretary for Transport and Logistics: As we are moving forward along the path to normalcy, the operating environment of bus companies and other public transport operators has yet to be fully stabilised, for example, tourism has not yet fully recovered as revealed by the latest statistics. Therefore, we believe that there may be relatively more applications for fare increases from such operators. The Government will certainly play our role as gatekeeper.  

(Please also refer to the Chinese version of the transcript.)

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