Transcript of remarks by CE-elect at media session (with video)


     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Chief Executive-elect, Mr John Lee, at a media session this afternoon (May 17):
Reporter: Hello, Mr Lee. How do you justify the need of creating the post of Deputy SJ (Secretary for Justice) when there is only one Department of Justice under the SJ? Anything to do with the implementation of the National Security Law? And the second question, why do you place a revamped Development Bureau and the Housing Bureau under the FS (Financial Secretary)'s Office instead of the CS (Chief Secretary for Administration)'s Office? Thanks.
Chief Executive-elect: The Secretary for Justice now is in charge of the Department of Justice, which has six departments dealing with different respects which are of significant importance to the administration of justice in Hong Kong and this includes civil law, constitution and policy, international law, criminal prosecution and also law drafting, etc. So you can see that there's already a very heavy burden on the Secretary for Justice to be responsible for the daily efficient function of the six departments.
     But more importantly is (that) I will be asking the Secretary for Justice and the Department of Justice as a whole to proceed to do several important things. First of all, I want more efforts to be done on promoting the understanding of the Constitution and the Basic Law. More importantly, I want the Secretary for Justice and the Deputy to go out to explain in full the legal system in Hong Kong, the rule of law and the judicial independence in Hong Kong, so as to let people know the true picture of Hong Kong, particularly when we have been badmouthed by some politicians for political reasons, criticising unfairly the system that is being practised in Hong Kong. It is important we tell the true story and reflect the true situation of Hong Kong to the world.
     Also, I want the Secretary for Justice and her deputy, or his deputy, to do more on ensuring that we will be expanding our influence and advantages in legal services in the region and also (on) raising our profile and position as a dispute resolution centre. Of course, making sure that we can be the regional arbitration centre is another important area. So there'll be a lot of things that I will be asking the Secretary for Justice and the Deputy to be doing. That is why I think the creation of a deputy will be of importance to our further advancement in this area.
     Regarding the Development Bureau and the Housing Bureau, I think it is important that if you look at what I want to do, I've emphasised times and again that the provision of land and housing is a major area of the Government's attention and agenda. We have been troubled by shortage of land and housing for long years. And I make it a very clear point that in the sixth-term Government, this will be a priority area, we have to speed up things etc. And I think the development of land and the provision of housing will be in the best hands of the Financial Secretary because it relates to, first of all, finding land, which is a key area in relation to financial and development matters, and hand in hand, both bureaux under him will create the synergy, and I think, will also focus attention.
(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.) 

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