Theresa May must be willing to tell President Trump that he is wrong – her failure to do so is shameful


to the joint press conference held between Theresa May and President
Trump, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has said:

Prime Minister promised to speak frankly to President Trump, and tell him
where she disagreed with him, but we heard nothing of the sort.

appears only to have discussed those issues on which we already know they
agree: trade and security. But we heard nothing about climate change,
about respect for human and reproductive rights, about war crimes in Syria,
about the nuclear deal with Iran, or about the illegal settlements in the West

The Prime
Minister referred to a special relationship based on our shared history and
interests, but she has to realise that it is also a relationship based on
shared values, and if the President is going to discard those values, whether
by embracing torture or ignoring climate change, then she must be willing
to tell him frankly that he is wrong.

“Her failure
to do so today – even behind closed doors – was nothing less than

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