TD reminds public to pay attention to special traffic and transport arrangements


     A spokesman for the Transport Department (TD) said today (June 12) that due to emergency road closures in the vicinity of Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai North, some public transport services including franchised bus routes, green minibus routes and tram routes have been suspended, truncated or diverted. The TD reminds the public to pay attention to the road conditions and the latest arrangements for public transport services and allow more time for travel during evening peak commuting hours. Motorists are advised to stay alert to the road conditions and exercise tolerance and patience, and drive carefully to ensure safety.
     As at 4.30pm today, the following major roads have been temporarily closed:
– Tim Wa Avenue (both bounds)
– Tim Mei Avenue (both bounds)
– Lung Wo Road between Edinburgh Place and Expo Drive (both bounds)
– Harcourt Road (both bounds)
– Yiu Sing Street (both bounds)
– Queensway (both bounds)
– Fenwick Pier Street (Central bound)
– Central – Wan Chai Bypass (East and west bounds) Wan Chai North Exit
     As at 4.30pm today, a total of 19 bus routes had been suspended, with 48 bus routes truncated and 11 bus routes diverted. Moreover, 11 green minibus routes have been diverted or truncated. The tram service between Pedder Street and Johnston Road has also been suspended. The MTR service remains normal.
     The TD reminds the members of the public that during evening peak commuting hours, the public transport operators will adjust their services appropriately according to the situation.
     The Emergency Transport Co-ordination Centre of the TD is maintaining close liaison with the Police and public transport operators as well as tunnel and bridge operators to co-ordinate and implement relevant traffic and public transport arrangements as soon as possible while the roads are affected.
     Members of the public are advised to be alert to the latest traffic news through television and radio, the TD's website (, or the TD's mobile application "HKeMobility" to obtain the latest special traffic and transport arrangements.

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