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Police arrest around 370 persons as at 10pm

     Since noon today (July 1), rioters blocked roads and set fires at multiple locations in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. One even stabbed a Police officer with a sharp object when the officer was executing of duty. At around 10pm, the situation on Hong Kong Island mostly returned to normal. Police officers will continue to patrol and stay alert around the area.

     As at 10pm, Police arrested around 370 people, including six males and four females for suspectedly breaching the National Security Law. Others were arrested for offences including unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct in a public place, furious driving and possession of offensive weapon.

     During today’s operation, seven Police officers have been injured. One was attacked by a rioter using a dagger; some were hit by a rioter driving a motorcycle and some were attacked by rioters in aid of release of a suspect from Police custody. Their injuries include stab wounds, fractured finger and head injuries. All injured officers were treated at hospitals.

     The violent attacks on Police officers are to be severely denounced. Officers will spare every effort to investigate the cases and bring the offenders to justice.   read more

Rioters vandalise shops in Causeway Bay and Tin Hau

Attention duty announcers, radio and TV stations:

Please broadcast the following message as soon as possible and repeat it at suitable intervals:

     At 5pm today (July 1), rioters vandalised and smashed the glasses of two shops on Percival Street, Causeway Bay and King’s Road, Tin Hau respectively. Besides, Police officers were once besieged by rioters on Percival Street, Causeway Bay. Police deployed tear gas based on the situation at scene.

     Police warn the offenders not to defy the law, believing that they may not be caught after escaping from scene. Police will conduct investigation into every case and bring all offenders to justice. read more

Tackling COVID-19 and grasping new business opportunities (with photo)

     The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Berlin (HKETO Berlin) together with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an exclusive webinar on June 30 (Berlin time) to outline the anti-pandemic measures and economic support by the governments of Hong Kong and Central and Eastern European countries in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
     The panel of this webinar included Director of HKETO Berlin, Mr Bill Li; Head of Investment Promotion of HKETO Berlin, Dr Chung Wing-hin; Director for International Affairs at the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms Mária Tényiné Stark; and Senior Macroeconomic Expert at Concorde MP Partners, Hungary, Ms Zsuzsa Delikát.
     Hong Kong was one of the first places worldwide that was confronted with COVID-19. Nonetheless, Hong Kong managed to contain the virus and keep the infection figure low, relative to other places in the world with similar population density. The reason being that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has adopted a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to contain the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of the community, with actions that are guided by three key principles: responding promptly, staying alert to the situation, and working in an open and transparent manner. Mr Li said, “the Government is staying alert to the situation with various measures in place. The experience of the 2003 SARS epidemic has certainly helped us become more prepared in tackling the current one.”
     Same as Hungary in Central and Eastern Europe, Hong Kong’s economy is outward-looking and relies on its strong trade ties with other economies. 
     To safeguard the economy, the Government has rolled out an economic relief package worth HK$ 287.5 billion “to support enterprises in coping with the impact of the economic downturn as well as to support enterprises and safeguard jobs”, as Mr Li pointed out. This package includes an HK$ 10,000 cash payout to all Hong Kong permanent residents. Mr Li also stated that “one-off grants or subsidies for eligible businesses ranging from HK$ 5,000 to HK$ 3,000,000, quick and easy to access, are already under way since April 2020.”
     Hong Kong’s economy is hopeful to rebound not only thanks to these measures but also its strong fundamentals. The city is an established global centre for trade, business and finance. Rankings such as the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom and the World Bank’s Doing Business Report are giving Hong Kong top spots for many years now. With these advantages, Hong Kong is well-prepared to remain an attractive location for Central and Eastern European companies to expand to the Mainland of China and Asia at large.
About HKETO Berlin
     HKETO Berlin is the official Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government representative in commercial relations and other economic and trade matters in Hungary as well as Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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