Special traffic arrangements in Sheung Shui


     Police will implement special traffic arrangements tomorrow (July 13) to facilitate the holding of a public procession in Sheung Shui.

     The public procession will start at 3.30 pm at the basketball court outside North District Sports Ground at Jockey Club Road towards the vicinity outside Exit A3 of MTR Sheung Shui Station. Police anticipate that the traffic in the vicinity of Shek Wu Hui will be very congested during the event. Members of the public are advised to avoid driving to the above area and make use of public transport services as far as possible.

     Police respect the public’s freedoms of expression, speech and assembly. It is the policy of Police to facilitate all peaceful public events while at the same time ensuring public safety and public order. Members of the public should express their views in a peaceful and rational manner. They should also follow the instructions of Police officers at scene or the event marshals of the organiser.

     Police appeal to members of the public to comply with the laws of Hong Kong and maintain social order when expressing their views. Should there be any confrontation, they should protect their own safety, maintain a safe distance from the violent protestors or leave the scene immediately so as to give Police enough space to deal with the situation. If the public spot any suspicious persons or objects, they should inform Police under safe circumstances.

     Depending on the prevailing crowd and traffic situation on the event day, Police will implement special traffic arrangements including road closure and traffic diversions. The metered parking spaces on the following roads will be suspended from 11am to 8pm:

– Fu Hing Street;
– Tsun Fu Street;
– San Cheung Street;
– San Fung Avenue;
– San Hong Street; and
– San Shing Avenue.
     Police officers will be on-site to assist motorists. Motorists should exercise tolerance and patience in case of traffic congestion, and observe the instructions given by the Police.

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