Special sale arrangements for monthly parking tickets of seven government car parks managed by TD for March


     To reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community, the Transport Department (TD) said today (February 18) that special arrangements will be implemented for the sale of monthly tickets for March at the seven government car parks under the management of the TD. 
     "The existing holders of a monthly ticket for private car/van, motorcycle or taxi for February can purchase a monthly ticket for the same vehicle type for March with priority. These eligible monthly ticket holders have to complete the procedures for purchasing the monthly ticket for March by 9pm on February 22 at the shroff office of the car park concerned. Any such person who fails to purchase the monthly ticket before the above deadline will be regarded as having given up his or her right to purchase the monthly ticket for March. The unsold monthly tickets for private car/van for March will be sold at the shroff offices of the car parks concerned on a first-come, first-served basis from 7.30am on February 23 while the unsold monthly tickets for motorcycles and taxis for March will be sold at the shroff offices from 7.30am on February 24," a spokesman for the TD said.
     The seven government car parks are Star Ferry Car Park, City Hall Car Park, Tin Hau Car Park, Shau Kei Wan Car Park, Aberdeen Car Park, Kwai Fong Car Park and Tsuen Wan Car Park.
     The car park operators will put up notices in the car parks in advance to inform motorists of the above special arrangements.
     Subject to the latest situation of the novel coronavirus, the TD will review the sale arrangements for monthly parking tickets for April and make a further announcement as necessary.

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