SNP must back Scottish fishermen in negotiations with EU


3 Jun 2020

The Scottish Conservatives are demanding the SNP support Scottish fishermen against the EU demands for access to our waters.

In a statement on the Brexit negotiations in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Mike Russell claimed, “never has a no deal been more likely.”

While Brexit negotiations have stalled, this is mainly due to the EU demands for access to UK fishing grounds as a precondition to further talks.

The Scottish Conservatives are clear that they will not sell the Scottish fishermen out and are asking the SNP government to do the same.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative shadow constitution secretary said:

“The SNP spent last year telling us that there would be no withdrawal agreement, that the UK would leave on a No-Deal basis, that the UK Govt were not even involved in serious negotiations.

“They were wrong on every single one of these claims, and inevitably they will be proved wrong again.

“The SNP knows that the real blockage to progress is the EU 27’s unreasonable demand to access our fishing grounds as a precondition to further talks.

“The Scottish Conservatives could not be clearer – we will not sell our fishermen out.

“But the question remains; whose side is the SNP on?

“Does the SNP government stand with our Scottish fishermen and the UK Government in holding firm against these unreasonable demands, or are they on the side of the EU27 who want our fish before negotiation?”

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