Small boats


Today and tomorrow the Commons will take the Committee stage of the illegal migration bill. There are various amendments tabled to seek to make the decisions about the future of illegal migrants proof against excessive delays  and legal appeals. Whilst it is important that anyone claiming asylum should have a fair hearing and a right to an appeal if necessary, it is wrong to allow so many legal interventions that people arriving illegally get  to stay here for years whilst endless legal processes are explored against the original decision, at the taxpayers expense. It is also important  not to effectively give illegal  migrants some priority or ability to get round the rules and to stay here regardless of where they came from when there are safe routes for legal entry from countries where they are at risk.

The government is promising to look at the suggested amendments with a view to strengthening its Bill. It is important it does so, as people will expect these legal changes to be sufficient so the government can deliver its promise to stop the boats.

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