SEE meets Managing Director of CLP regarding power outage incident in Wong Tai Sin area (with photo)


     The Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, met with the Managing Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) today (June 13) to express deep concern over the power outage incident that occurred in the Wong Tai Sin area last night (June 12).
     Stable and reliable power supply is very important to the daily lives of the public and every level of economic activities in Hong Kong. Recently, there have been a number of voltage dips and power supply interruption incidents, and the frequency of these incidents has led to concerns about whether CLP's service quality is on the decline. This incident should not be treated as an isolated event, and CLP needs to examine its company culture and management system for the entire power supply system to identify the root causes of the problem, make fundamental improvements to reduce the chances of similar incidents in the future, and maintain the stable and reliable power supply that Hong Kong has always been proud of.
     At the meeting, Mr Tse made a request to the Managing Director of CLP for CLP to allocate resources for an independent consultant. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) will be responsible for engaging an independent consultant, who will report to the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS) after:
(1) Conducting a re-examination of all voltage dips and power supply interruption incidents that occurred in the past three years, listing the causes, improvement measures, implementation status of the measures, and their effectiveness; 

(2) Conducting a comprehensive review of the safety design of the power supply system, its capability to withstand the impact of external factors, the arrangements for maintenance and preventive maintenance, the procurement and inspection system for materials, the supervision and quality assurance standards, as well as personnel qualification, training and retraining requirements; and 

(3) Providing comprehensive recommendations on how to enhance the stability and reliability of the power supply, and reduce the chances of similar incidents in the future. 

     The EMSD will form a task force with CLP to work on the above requirements, with a view to completing the tasks and submitting a report within 12 months. The DEMS will also invite local experts and scholars to establish a steering committee to work together in supervising the work of the independent consultant and advise on the report. At the same time, the Environment and Ecology Bureau will continue to negotiate with CLP on modifying the Scheme of Control Agreement by introducing terms of penalty to facilitate a reduction in the occurrence of electrical incidents.
     Furthermore, the EMSD has requested that CLP identify the cause of the power supply incident last night and submit a detailed report within four weeks in accordance with the Electricity Ordinance (Cap. 406).


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