SDEV visits Nanshan District in Shenzhen to inspect the development of local districts (with photos)


     The Secretary for Development, Ms Bernadette Linn, today (June 1) visited Nanshan District in Shenzhen to inspect the development and implementation of local districts in the area. 

     Ms Linn visited the Houhai Core District, the Dachong Village Renovation Development, and the Dasha River Ecological Corridor Development in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

     During the visit, the representatives from the People’s Government of Nanshan District, Shenzhen and the developer shared their experience in developing local districts through district-wide coordinated approach, including the application of innovative ideas to transform old districts into new development areas integrating industries, culture, commercial activities, education and residential functions, as well as to convert polluted river into an ecological corridor. Under this development approach, a single developer would, in accordance with the spatial and industrial planning by the government, undertake various tasks in the development process of the entire district, including clearance and compensation, detailed design, construction, operation of the commercial and residential properties, and management of the newly built community facilities, with a view to enhancing efficiency and coherence of development in the district.

     Ms Linn said that the development of the Northern Metropolis is one of the priorities of the current-term Government, and the area will integrate quality life, development of industries, and culture and leisure. It is the new engine for Hong Kong to scale new heights. During the development process of the Northern Metropolis, the Government will adopt a development model of high efficiency and quality, taking into account the actual circumstances in Hong Kong and making reference to the experience of developing and transforming old districts in other areas including the Mainland. 

     The Under Secretary for Development, Mr David Lam; and the Director of the Preparatory Office for Northern Metropolis, Mr Vic Yau, also joined the visit.

     The delegation returned to Hong Kong this afternoon.

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