Scotland set for further £1.2bn Barnett boost


4 Sep 2019

Scotland’s budget is set to be boosted by a £1.2 billion Barnett Consequentials bonus, announced by the UK Government today.

Chancellor Sajid Javid confirmed that, thanks to a range of new spending commitments south of the border, Scotland was in line for a major windfall.

Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said the cash injection was more evidence of the importance of the union to Scotland’s public finances.

The investment comes as Scotland faces up to a £1 billion black hole in coming years, and poorer economic performance than other parts of the UK.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“While the SNP presides over black holes appearing in Scotland’s finances, the UK Government rides to the rescue with more than £1 billion in Barnett Consequentials.

“This is the stark difference between an SNP government which drains money from Scotland’s taxpayers, and a Westminster government which invests in schools, hospitals and police.

“This Barnett boost means the nationalists have significantly more money to invest in key areas than they thought.

“That’s cash that, were they to have their way and separate Scotland from the rest of the UK, they wouldn’t have.

“So instead of constantly moaning about the UK Government, perhaps Nicola Sturgeon should be sending Mr Javid a thank-you note for this latest windfall.”

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