Number of coronavirus tests hits new low


1 Jun 2020

The number of coronavirus tests carried out yesterday (Sunday) was the lowest since the new drive began, it has emerged.

Just 2729 tests took place, despite there now being capacity for 15,000 per day in Scotland.

The Scottish Government began publishing capacity targets and testing numbers daily on April 30, with Nicola Sturgeon claiming she wanted to carry out 10,000 per day.

But combined totals show there has been no serious improvement, with the number taking place yesterday 42 per cent lower than the previous Sunday.

All over Scotland care homes have said their staff and residents need more testing, yet the SNP government has repeatedly failed to take these tests to the place which need them.

And today, Cancer Research UK said patients and staff would need 3000 tests a day in order for cancer treatment services to resume safely.

Already, unused tests account for more than 200,000 north of the border, a record the Scottish Conservatives have repeatedly attacked.

The 2729 tests taking place on Sunday included both Scottish and UK Government facilities.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“For weeks now the SNP government has been told to carry out more tests to help Scotland beat this virus.

“But instead, the number has now plummeted to the lowest since this new drive began.

“That’s alarming and points to huge failings on testing at the hands of this SNP government.

“It was clear weeks ago that the SNP couldn’t just stand and wait for people to come to them, and it had to get out and take these tests to those who need it most.

“That hasn’t happened, and there’s been no explanation as to why.

“If the SNP doesn’t get its house in order in terms of testing, more people will die and Scotland’s move out of lockdown will be put in jeopardy.”

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