Nia Griffith responds to the Public Accounts Committee report


Griffith MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary,
responding to the Public Accounts
Committee report on Delivering Carrier Strike, said:

“This report
highlights the significant concerns about the affordability of a key part of
the MoD’s equipment plan and a vital aspect of our future defence capability.

Government needs to address this issue urgently and ensure that the Carrier
programme is adequately funded going forward, in particular the F-35s which
need to be paid for in US dollars and will be impacted by fluctuating foreign
exchange rates. 

reassuring that MoD staff have told the Committee that they do not plan to take
the Albion class out of service early. The Defence Secretary should stop
dodging questions about the future of the vessels and confirm that he will not
be selling them off. The loss of this class without replacement would be an
unacceptable cut to our nation’s defences.”


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