New figures show over-75s were ‘rushed out of hospital’


2 Jun 2020

Figures released today have revealed an exodus of over 75s from hospitals to care homes and the community as Covid-19 spread.

According to the ISD Scotland data, there were 1108 “bed blocking” patients over that age in hospital in the month of February, despite being fit to leave.

By April, the delayed discharge data has revealed that figure dropped to just 331.

That means nearly 800 of the most vulnerable individuals were sent out of hospital either to care homes, or back home to be looked after by family or carers in that crucial two-month period.

And as numerous reports have now confirmed, these individuals were not routinely tested for coronavirus.

The Scottish Conservatives said it was the latest revelation showing how the SNP government failed to protect care homes, their staff and residents.

Despite pledges to test all carers and residents, still numbers remain at their lowest since the testing programme began at the end of April.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“These figures show very starkly how the over 75s were rushed out of hospital, either to care homes or back to the community.

“And as we now know, they weren’t routinely tested for coronavirus.

“These were the most vulnerable people in our society, and they were sent out of hospital to places where they would mingle with equally vulnerable individuals.

“It’s no wonder Covid-19 has spread like wild fire in our care homes.

“The SNP government now needs to explain why so many over 75s were chased out of hospital during a global health pandemic without proper testing or protection.

“The situation has become an issue of national disgrace for the SNP.”

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