Murder Sentencing Consultation


I have received the letter below from the Minister for Sentencing regarding the Murder Sentencing Consultation which was launched today.

Around a quarter of all homicides in England and Wales are committed by the partner, ex-partner, or relative of the victim. Most of these domestic murders take place in the home. When a weapon is used, such as a kitchen knife, it is normally already at the scene. This means that although weapons are often used in domestic murders, these offences generally do not qualify for one of the higher starting points in sentencing. The perpetrators will usually receive a lesser sentence because the weapon was already in the home.

The consultation seeks views on whether a higher starting point should apply to murders preceded by controlling or coercive behaviour against the murder victim, and to all murders committed with a knife or other weapon – a change that would likely result in higher minimum terms in these cases.

You can read more about the consultation and how to contribute here:,minimum%20terms%20in%20these%20cases.

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