“LeaveHomeSafe” hotline extends operating hours


     A Government spokesman said today (August 18) that the "LeaveHomeSafe" telephone hotline service will be enhanced starting from tomorrow (August 19) by increasing its manpower and extending the service hours to 11pm to provide members of the public with a one-stop service which handles enquiries related to issues including the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app as well as Red and Amber Codes. Members of the public can call the hotline at 2626 3066 for enquiries from 7am to 11pm daily starting tomorrow.

     The Government spokesman said it was noticed in the past few days that a small number of persons were unable to change their codes, and this may be attributed to various reasons such as their "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app has not been updated to version 3.4.0 or above, or their mobile devices were not connected to the Internet. Other reasons include submitting inaccurate information of their identity cards during the online self-declaration of a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) result or not meeting the declaration requirements. It may also be caused if they have used a different identity document and number when undergoing nucleic acid tests/declaring positive RAT results/making inbound declarations, other than the one they used for receiving vaccination. In order to solve the difficulties encountered by the public, the Government will increase the manpower of the hotline and extend the operating hours to provide a one-stop assistance service to the public.
     The Government spokesman added that persons infected with COVID-19 who have received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccines may complete their isolation early after obtaining negative RAT results on both Day 6 and Day 7 (or two consecutive days thereafter) and make a self-declaration on the website (www.evt.gov.hk). The "LeaveHomeSafe" will conduct matching with the declaration record and the Red Code of relevant persons will then be reverted to a Blue Code automatically. To date, around 10 000 persons have successfully declared and received a Blue Code. Should members of the public have any enquiries about issues including code changes and self-declaration of negative RAT results, they may call the "LeaveHomeSafe" hotline. Most of the enquiries regarding the Red and Amber Codes received by the hotline over the past week have been properly handled right away.

     The Government spokesman reiterated that the system has been operating smoothly, with ample system resources since its launch. To date, over 120 million times of matching have been performed by the system, and around 70 000 code changes have been conducted.

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