Latest shipment of Comirnaty vaccine arrives in Hong Kong


     The latest shipment of about 630 000 doses of the Comirnaty vaccine, manufactured by BioNTech and filled and finished at a plant in Baxter, Germany, arrived in Hong Kong today (July 7) as arranged by Fosun Pharma.

     Soon after the arrival of the latest batch of the Comirnaty vaccine in Hong Kong, staff carried out stringent checking and inspection of the vaccine in accordance with established procedures to ensure that it complies with the product specifications and that the transportation process follows the relevant cold-chain requirements. The Government will put the vaccine in validated ultra-low temperature freezers to ensure its proper storage in accordance with the temperature specified by the drug manufacturer.

     The Government has launched the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme. Members of the public are encouraged to get vaccinated. Details of the programme can be found at the designated website (

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