Kwong Wah Hospital makes appeal regarding operation of Accident and Emergency Department


The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesman for Kwong Wah Hospital made the following appeal today (June 2) regarding the recent operation of the Accident and Emergency Department:
     The hospital noticed that since the new Accident and Emergency Department was put into service, the number of patients seeking medical treatment has increased significantly, from about 300 cases on weekdays to more than 400 cases. Most of the cases are semi-urgent and non-urgent cases, causing some patients having to wait a longer time. In order to ensure patients with urgent medical needs can receive medical treatment in a timely manner, the hospital appeals to non-emergency patients with stable and mild conditions to seek medical treatment in general out-patient clinics or private clinics as far as possible.
     The hospital iterates that it would continue to provide appropriate treatment to patients according to the severity of their medical conditions.

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