Indicative programme – Agriculture and Fisheries Council of 27 January 2020


Europa building

Marija Vučković, Minister for Agriculture of Croatia

All times are approximate and subject to change

+/- 08.00

+/- 08.40
Doorstep by Minister Vučković

+/- 10.00
Beginning of the Council meeting (Roundtable Agriculture)
Adoption of the agenda

+/- 10.05
Adoption of non-legislative A items

+/- 10.10
Adoption of legislative A items (public session)

+/- 10.15
Work programme of the Presidency (public session)

+/- 10.40
Any other business: Animal welfare labelling (public session)

+/- 11.00
Any other business: Outcome of the high-level international conference “The future of global pork production under the threat of African swine fever” (Berlin, 17 January 2020) (public session)

+/- 11.25
European Green Deal – agricultural aspects (public session)

+/- 13.00
Ministerial lunch

+/- 15.15
European Green Deal – agricultural aspects (public session)

+/- 15.55
Any other business: Joint Statement of the Ministers of Agriculture of Germany, Spain and France on future CAP in the context of the European Green Deal (public session)

+/- 16.15
Any other business: Regulation on CAP transitional rules (public session)

+/- 17.55
Any other business: Origin labelling of honey blends (public session)

+/- 18.25
Press conference (live streaming)

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