Hongkong Post unveils new stamp issues for July to December 2024


     Hongkong Post announced today (May 23) that six sets of special stamps of various themes will be issued from July to December 2024. Each stamp issue has its own ingenious design and distinctive style, making the special stamps valuable collectables for philatelists and the public.  
     The Paris 2024 Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11. Hongkong Post will release a set of four stamps under the theme "Support to the Delegation of Team Hong Kong, China to Paris 2024" in July, featuring sports in which Team Hong Kong, China won medals in the Olympic Games before, including fencing, swimming, table tennis and cycling, to pay tribute to Hong Kong athletes and wish them success in the Olympic Games, so they may bring honour to the country and Hong Kong.
     Moreover, Hongkong Post, in collaboration with Disney, will issue six stamps and three stamp sheetlets on the theme of "Disney" in September featuring famous and beloved classic animated characters. The design of the stamps also incorporates Chinese elements, highlighting Hong Kong's unique charm as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange.
     Hongkong Post will also issue a set of six stamps under the theme "Children Stamps – Chinese Idioms and Their Stories III" in September to enhance children's knowledge of and interest in Chinese idioms and their stories, thereby cultivating their good character. Chinese idioms are set phrases that have evolved over thousands of years of use. Often originating from fables, literature and history, their stories are rich in cultural connotations and full of wisdom of the ages.
     2024 marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). As a member of the China Delegation, Hongkong Post will issue a stamp sheetlet titled "The 150th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union" to commemorate this occasion. The Treaty of Bern was signed by 22 countries in 1874 to establish the General Postal Union, later renamed as the UPU. Today, with 192 member countries, the UPU has evolved into a postal network that fosters co-operation and communication among postal administrations worldwide and provides updates on the latest postal products and services.  
     As a continuation of the "Hong Kong Landscape" stamp series, Hongkong Post will present a set of special stamps on the theme of "Hong Kong Landscape – 10 Natural Wonders" in November to showcase the exquisite natural beauty of Hong Kong and encourage the public to appreciate and cherish the local natural scenery. This collection is based on the "Top 10 Natural Wonders Selection" launched by the Hong Kong Chronicles Institute. A selection of 30 natural landscapes was made by experts and scholars, and the citizens of Hong Kong and tourists were invited to vote for the most representative "Top 10 Natural Wonders".
     Furthermore, following the release of the "Hong Kong Palace Museum" special stamps in 2022, Hongkong Post will issue a set of special stamps on the theme of "Hong Kong Palace Museum II", which displays additional priceless treasures from the Palace Museum, highlighting the richness and grandeur of Chinese civilization. The stamps also seek to promote public engagement in the study and appreciation of Chinese art and culture.
     Customers may place advance orders for the above new stamp products from today on Hongkong Post's online shopping mall ShopThruPost (shopthrupost.hongkongpost.hk). Customers may also visit the Facebook page "郵票.郵趣@Hongkong Post Stamps" (www.facebook.com/HKPStamps) for more details. Customers who place orders by June 11 (Tuesday) will receive special gifts and bonus points. Further information about placing orders can be obtained from the Hongkong Post Stamps website or by calling the Hongkong Post Philatelic Bureau hotline at 2785 5711.

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