Greens: Labour must commit to ratification referendum


20 April 2017

The Green Party is calling for Labour to commit to a ratification referendum. At an election event earlier the leader of the Labour Party refused to rule out such a poll [1].

Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“Labour should immediately commit to holding a ratification referendum. If they truly trust the British people – and want to give them a real say over the future direction of this country – then they must commit to a democratic vote on any final deal. With the Tories already hurtling us towards an extreme Brexit the Labour Party should also make clear whether or not they support Britain’s continued membership of the single market or if they, like the Government, are willing to sacrifice this country’s prosperity at the altar of stopping freedom of movement.

“The Green Party is clear on our opposition to an extreme Brexit. We will campaign to remain a member of the single market and for continued freedom of movement and the protection of our environment.”



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