Green Party: Government failing immigration detention promise


25 August 2017

The Green Party has warned progress to cut immigration detention is still far too slow to keep the last Government’s promise [1] to reduce the numbers of people locked up and the time they spend detained.

Home Office immigration figures released yesterday (Thursday 24 August) [2] show the number of people entering detention in the past 12 months decreased by 12%.

The Green Party has repeated calls for an end to indefinite detention after the figures show eight people detained for more than five years [3].

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“Detention is not the answer for anyone and progress to reduce the numbers in immigration detention centres is still far too slow. Amber Rudd needs to take bold action if she is to meet Government commitments to cut detention.

“Across the country detention centres are indefinitely holding people who have committed no crime and are often fleeing torture, with these stats revealing eight people currently in detention have been locked up for more than five years. This is obscene and a violation of human rights. 

“The uncompassionate and ineffective practice of indefinite detention must end.”

The stats were released a day after reports that the number of EU citizens detained for suspected immigration offences has risen by 27% in the past year [4].

Bartley added:

“The rising number of EU nationals in detention adds to the already hostile environment currently facing those from European countries who have made their home in the UK.”


  3. Table 14:

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