Government announces suspension of face-to-face classes


     Further to the Government's earlier separate announcements on suspension of face-to-face classes and school activities for all kindergartens and Primary 1 to Primary 3 levels of primary schools until December 6, the Government announced today (November 29) that in light of the worsening situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, all kindergartens as well as primary and secondary schools (including special schools and schools offering non-local curriculum) will suspend face-to-face classes and school activities starting from this Wednesday (December 2) until the beginning of school Christmas holidays. Private schools offering non-formal curriculum (commonly known as "tutorial schools") will suspend face-to-face classes for two weeks.

     A spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) said, "The EDB has earlier discussed with the sector about the related arrangements, and understands that schools would need time to make preparations for face-to-face class suspension, including students' home learning arrangements, Primary 6 internal assessment for the purpose of Secondary School Places Allocation and the learning arrangements for graduate classes. We will issue a letter to inform schools of the details tomorrow so that schools can make advance preparations."

     He added, "The EDB understands that the sector and parents are deeply concerned about the arrangements of the primary school internal assessment for the purpose of Secondary School Places Allocation and that Secondary 6 students have to face public examinations soon. With suspension of face-to-face classes and school activities, the EDB will discuss with the sector possible options to allow schools to consider arranging students of Primary 6 to take internal assessment for the purpose of Secondary School Places Allocation and graduate classes to attend on-campus lessons to prepare for the public examinations or take internal examinations."

     The EDB reminds schools of the related arrangements and measures that schools should implement during the period of suspension of face-to-face classes to sustain students' learning at home through flexible use of various learning modes. During such period, schools should remain open to take care of those students who have to go back to schools because of the lack of carers at home. They should arrange staff to be on duty to handle school affairs, answer parents' enquiries and take care of those students who have returned to schools. Schools should also ensure that the campus environment is clean and hygienic.

     Parents should take precautionary measures for COVID-19 and pay close attention to the health conditions of their children. They should avoid bringing their children to crowded places with poor ventilation. Students should maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take adequate rest in order to strengthen their immunity. If students are feeling unwell (even if the symptoms are very mild), they must not return to schools and should seek medical advice promptly to receive appropriate diagnoses and treatments.

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