Government announces composition of four sub-committees under Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis


     The Government today (June 2) announced the composition of the four sub-committees under the Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis (ACNM). The four sub-committees are the Sub‑committee on Planning, Land and Conservation; the Sub-committee on Development of Industries; the Sub-committee on Transport and Other Infrastructure; and the Sub-committee on Promotion and Public Engagement.
     The ACNM, chaired by the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, has earlier decided to establish the four aforementioned sub-committees for more in-depth discussion of the relevant issues. The four sub-committees will meet soon to take forward the work concerned.
     Mr Chan said, "The Northern Metropolis project covers a wide range of areas such as land and housing, development of industries, transport infrastructure, etc. The establishment of the four sub‑committees will allow us to listen to views from all walks of life on different issues in a wider and more in-depth manner, and jointly take forward the comprehensive and sustainable development of the Northern Metropolis. I sincerely thank members who have joined the sub-committees."
     The membership lists of the four sub-committees are at Annex.

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