Getting things done – Dunmore Drive and Dunmore Gardens – an update #dundeewestend


Michael is pictured in Dunmore Gardens where the road surface is really poor and we had long requested resurfacing.

This was agreed but resurfacing work in both Dunmore Drive and Dunmore Gardens had to be postponed from late 2022 as another resurfacing project over-ran due to flooding issues – so we sought assurances from the City Council that the work will take place in early 2023.

We were initially advised as follows from the Senior Engineer – Roads Maintenance Partnership :

β€œAt present all being well, the works are currently programmed for the last week in February, first week in March.
The only sticking point is with the increases in the Bitumen prices there may be a possibility that the works may be postponed until after March. I am currently working out the likely outturns for the works on site now against the budget.”
Once this has been completed I will let you know.”

We are pleased to now advise that we were recently further updated as follows :

“Latest position is still the same, programmed for last week in February, first week in March. It looks like the budget will be there to complete the works.”

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