“Genesis and Spirit – Enchanting Shandong · An Exhibition on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shandong” to showcase Qilu culture (with photos)


     The large-scale cultural programme "Genesis and Spirit – Enchanting Shandong · An Exhibition on the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Shandong" is currently being held at the Hong Kong Central Library to promote 37 representative ICH items from Shandong. Using photographs, video screenings and traditional handicrafts, together with demonstrations and performances by ICH bearers, the programme allows visitors to understand more about the unique charm of Qilu culture.
     An opening ceremony was held today (June 12). Speaking at the ceremony, the Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Jack Chan, said that as an important cradle of Chinese civilisation, Shandong is a place of rich and vivacious culture, and that the exhibition not only allows visitors to appreciate Qilu culture, but also encourages attendees to understand in depth the long history and cultural traditions of China.
     He added that the Government strives to preserve and promote local ICH, and said there are 10 Hong Kong ICH items inscribed onto the national list of ICH. The $300 million ICH Funding Scheme has been launched and ICH bearers and organisations have been invited to submit applications.
     Highlight exhibits include the Weifang kite "Phoenix"; "Harvesting Fruit", which displays the techniques of Dongming foodstuff art; "Jade Seals Featuring the Twelve Beauties of Jinling", with miniature carvings from Jinan; "Exquisite Brush Set with Cloisonné Tube and Wolf’s Hairs", showcasing the techniques of the making the Qi writing brush of Guangrao; "Babies' Bibs with Tiger Design", showing Feixian hand embroidery; "Jimo Lace Tablecloth – Gorgeous Blooms", displaying the traditional handicraft style of Jimo lace; and "Boy with Fish", a Nie clay figurine.
     To tie in with the theme of the programme, ICH bearers from Shandong will specially perform and demonstrate various items, including Lü opera, Shandong Qinshu, Wuyin opera, Laixi puppetry, mantis boxing, Liuzi opera, Shandong Kuaishu and Shandong folk songs tomorrow (June 13), as well as on June 14, 22 and 23.
     Other officiating guests included the Advisor (Director-General Level) of the Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr Man Hongwei; the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Ms Michelle Li; the First-Grade Advisor of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Ms Li Guolin; the Deputy Curator of the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center, Ms Zhao Xintian; and the Head of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, Ms Esa Leung.
     The programme runs until June 23. It is jointly presented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Home Affairs Bureau, jointly organised by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and curated by the Shandong Provincial Cultural Center and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office.
     The Hong Kong Central Library is located at 66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay. For details of the programme, please visit the website www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/ICHO/en_US/web/icho/exhibitions_activities_53.html, or call 2784 5200 for enquiries.

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