FEHD to hold webinar for catering businesses tomorrow


     The Government has earlier announced the road map and time table for the phased implementation of the relaxation of social distancing measures starting April 21 (Thursday), including the gradual resumption of dinnertime dine-in services and the reopening of scheduled premises. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) will, together with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), host a webinar tomorrow (April 19) to brief the catering businesses on the first stage of adjustments to social distancing measures, the latest arrangements on vaccine pass applicable to catering premises, and the complementary measures on "LeaveHomeSafe" and "QR Code Verification Scanner" mobile apps.

     Under the first stage, the dine-in service hours of catering premises can be extended till 9.59pm, which will allow resumption of dinnertime dine-in services. The maximum number of persons per table will be increased from two to four, and banquets with no more than 20 persons will be allowed. However, bars or pubs will remain closed. To enhance the anti-epidemic arrangements of catering premises and dovetail with the relaxation of the aforementioned business restrictions, all staff must conduct rapid antigen tests every three days and obtain a negative result before entering the premises.

     All must strictly comply with the anti-epidemic arrangements upon reopening of the premises, including holding a valid Vaccine Pass, using "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app, complying with the restrictions on the number of persons and capacity of the premises allowed, wearing masks, taking body temperatures etc., so as to maintain the local capacity in containing the epidemic, minimise the risk of viral spread within the community and avoid rebound of the epidemic.

     The FEHD has earlier on issued advisory letters to operators of catering premises (www.fehd.gov.hk/english/licensing/guide_general_reference/Advisory_Letter_CP_20220412.html), reminding them that they must continue to comply with the requirements applicable to catering premises, including the posters/notices that need to be displayed at the entrance of the premises and the requirements on the ventilating system (outside air) and air change/air purifiers that need to be complied with.

     The FEHD will continue to conduct stringent enforcement operations proactively, and urges premises operators not to defy the law.

     Looking forward, to cope with a possible increase in the number of customers, operators of catering premises may consider taking the following steps at the entrance of the premises in a timely manner to enhance the efficiency of scanning the vaccination records of customers: (a) use of a rear camera that has stronger focusing performance if the front camera of the mobile device in use is not sensitive enough, and (b) as needed, setting up several mobile devices for customers to scan their vaccination records at the same time. 

     The webinar will be held at 3pm tomorrow. Premises operators may login to the website (emsd-gov-hk.zoom.us/j/94232583458?pwd=NmZBSGJXOG9uMUZDZU9kc2hpZ2poQT09) to join. It will be on a first-come-first-served basis, given the limit on capacity. The footage of the webinar will also be uploaded afterwards to the thematic website "Together, We Fight the Virus" (www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html), the OGCIO's website (www.ogcio.gov.hk/en/) and the FEHD's thematic webpage (www.fehd.gov.hk/english/events/covid19/vaccine_pass_webinar.html).

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