Family Council holds publicity event on “Marital Happiness and Harmony” (with photos)


The following is issued on behalf of the Family Council:
     The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB), the Family Council, and Radio 2 of Radio Television Hong Kong jointly held a publicity event on "Marital Happiness and Harmony" today (September 24) to promote to the public the importance of sustaining a healthy marriage and building a harmonious family.
     With "Marital Happiness and Harmony" as the theme this year, the Family Council launched a new series of family education videos to provide practical information on building a happy marriage and a harmonious family to couples at different stages of marriage. Composed of eight episodes, the "Ingredients of Marriage", features a variety of dishes to simulate the experiences of couples at different stages and to demonstrate that a good marriage requires the concerted efforts of both husbands and wives. The first episode of the short film was premiered at the event.
     In addition, the Family Council held a competition earlier, inviting members of the public to express their feelings to their partners, share their unforgettable experiences and views on maintaining harmonious family relationships through writing a letter. Winners were presented with awards and their letters were recited by artists at the event.
     The Deputy Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs (Home Affairs), Mr Nick Au Yeung, pointed out in his speech that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government attached great importance to the healthy development of families in Hong Kong and is committed to fostering a pro-family culture and environment. The HYAB will continue to offer support to the Family Council, endeavouring to enhance family harmony with a view to building a harmonious community and nurturing the new generation with proper values, an affection for and sense of belonging to the country.
     Delivering a speech at the event, the Chairman of the Family Council, Ms Melissa Kaye Pang, also said that the Council is committed to publicising the culture of loving families through organising various promotional activities. The Council has also been promoting family core values, namely "Love and Care", "Respect and Responsibility" and "Communication and Harmony", to society.
     Members of the public are welcome to visit the Council's homepage, Facebook page or Instagram page for details of the event and family education videos on "Marital Happiness and Harmony".

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