EMSD wins twenty-one awards at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (with photos)


     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) achieved outstanding results at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, winning seven gold medals,  silver medals and four bronze medals.

     A spokesman for the EMSD today (April 21) said, "As the innovation facilitator of the Government, the EMSD has been supporting various departments to identify and apply innovation and technology (I&T) solutions to improve government services, support smart city development and achieve carbon neutrality."

     Through E&M InnoPortal (inno.emsd.gov.hk), the EMSD has been facilitating the matching of technological needs from the Government with I&T solutions from the I&T sector. Some of the award-winning innovative technologies showcased at the Exhibition are the successful cases matched through the InnoPortal.

     The EMSD's winning projects are:

Gold medals

  • Enabling System of Vehicle Positioning inside tunnel under traffic roads
  • Acoustic Detector: Determine hidden machine failures by analysing sound signature using AI
  • AI-powered Aqua-bot for Early Detection and Rapid Response for Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Wetland
  • Ball Type Rolling Robot for inspection and rescue
  • EnviroSense: Intelligent Environmental Monitoring and Safety Assessment System
  • AI-Driven Railway Regulator Inspection Planning System
  • Management of Fire-fighting Tools and Rescue Equipment on Fire Appliances

Silver medals

  • Autonomous Airfield Ground Lighting Cleaning and Inspection Robot
  • Smart Health Sensing System
  • Smart Tower Inspection with Drone, AI and Remote Monitoring
  • AI Lift Occupancy Management System 
  • Smart Capacitor Bank Health Doctor
  • Comprehensive Safety Management System for Water Sports Centre (AI-based Long range Video Analytics)
  • Comprehensive Safety Management System for Water Sports Centre (LoRa Waterproof Location Trackers)
  • AI Assist on Statement Taking and Criminal Case Investigation
  • Universal AI Interacted Automated Scenario Tester
  • Use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and IoT sensor technology in continuous monitoring of the conditions of the underground District Cooling System pipes and other services

Bronze medals

  • High Accuracy Vehicle Classification and Counting System in Traffic Tunnels
  • Smart Fence Protection System (SFPS)
  • VisionGuard: AI-Empowered Robotic System for Automatic Fault Detection of light flickering with Semantic and BIM-AM Integration, Enhancing Building Performance
  • ChillStream: AI-based Chiller Plant Optimisation System

     The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is one of the most significant global annual events on inventions. This year's event is held in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 17 to 21. More than 1 000 inventions from nearly 40 countries and regions were evaluated by the international jury of specialists. For details about the Exhibition, please visit inventions-geneva.ch/en/home.

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