Education Bureau launches Healthy Living, Happy Family Series – Thrive Party for Kids and Families (with photos)


     The Under Secretary for Education, Mr Sze Chun-fai, kicked off the Healthy Living, Happy Family Series – Thrive Party for Kids and Families today (May 18) together with the ambassadors of the Positive Parent Campaign, Mommy Light and Daddy Light.

     Under the Positive Parent Campaign, the Education Bureau (EDB) organised three events of the Thrive Party for Kids and Families in May and June. The events are aimed at encouraging parents and children to develop a healthy lifestyle together, which includes having adequate sleep, daily exercises, leisure activities and sufficient rest. Thus, both parents and children can relax properly and maintain their physical and psychological well-being to facilitate the happy and healthy development of children.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Sze said that parents are inevitably under pressure when facing difficulties and challenges in their work and daily lives. To avoid the negative impacts from stress, parents should first learn to care for themselves, recognise and understand their own emotions and maintain well-being through developing a healthy lifestyle together with their children. Children can thus grow up in a safe and loving environment.

     A spokesperson for the EDB said that the Thrive Party for Kids and Families provides a wide range of interesting activities. There are five thematic zones, namely Parent-child Fun Day Camp, Stay Calm and Relax Zone, Kids Fit Workout Station, Warmie's Amazing Maze Playground, and Glowie's Favourite Books Corner. Parents and children are encouraged to try out the experiential activities in their daily lives to develop a healthy lifestyle, enhance their well-being and build a positive parent-child relationship.  

     In the Parent-child Fun Day Camp, there are a parent-child relay race, a parent-child yoga session and an expert sharing nutritious recipe tips. The race is divided into kindergarten group and primary group, testing how well parents and their children can co-operate. The winners will receive a certificate of commendation and fabulous prizes. 

     Activities in other zones include singing bowl sessions, a mini-maze for kids and floorball games, as well as various thematic workshops such as storytelling, origami and badge making. These activities allow parents and their children to unleash their creativity and strengthen their parent-child relationship.

     The first Thrive Party for Kids and Families event was launched at the Central Market today. The second and third events will be held at Tseung Kwan O Plaza on June 1 and Tsuen Wan Citywalk on June 8 respectively, from 11am to 8pm. All the activities are free of charge but some activities have limited quotas and require pre-registration. A number of quotas are available for walk-in people. Souvenirs will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents may visit the event website ( for the registration procedures and other details.

     The EDB has been running the Positive Parent Campaign since 2020 and has organised various activities to promote the proper ways and attitudes of nurturing children to parents and the general public. For the latest information of the Positive Parenting Campaign, please visit the Smart Parent Net website ( or follow the Facebook ( and Instagram pages ( of the Smart Parent Net.

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