EDB strives to support early school resumption following extreme conditions


     A spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) today (September 8) said that the EDB had stayed in contact with schools under the extreme conditions to understand their situations. The EDB has received more than 20 reports on damage to facilities in school premises, including cases of flooding, leakage, power outage and damage to objects or facilities. Individual school premises sustained serious damage. The EDB has been proactively assisting schools in carrying out emergency repairs and providing support to affected aided schools through the emergency repairs mechanism. The consultants and contractors assigned by the EDB have promptly contacted relevant schools to arrange appropriate repairs, including temporary repair works, to assist them to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

     "To ensure the safety of students and their smooth schooling, if the premises or the surrounding environment of individual schools are still undergoing cleaning or repair works, schools may decide whether to continue to suspend face-to-face classes and school activities tomorrow (September 9) and on Monday (September 11) according to their school-based needs. They should inform all parents and students of the arrangements as soon as possible," the spokesman said.
     Regarding schooling of cross-boundary students, the EDB has kept in touch with relevant schools and school bus companies, and has been providing parents with the latest information on the transportation arrangements of boundary control points through schools.
     The EDB will continue to maintain close liaison with schools and provide appropriate support and advice.

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