COVID-19 Vaccination Programme statistics


     The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme has been implemented for 132 days since February 26, 2021.
     So far, about 4 143 400 doses of vaccines have been administered under the Vaccination Programme. Details are as follows:

  Number of persons receiving Sinovac vaccine Number of persons receiving BioNTech vaccine Total number of doses
First vaccine dose 1 041 600 1 432 200 2 473 900
Second vaccine dose 688 100 981 400 1 669 500

* The numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.
     In the 24 hours ending at 8pm today (July 7), about 57 100 persons have received vaccination and about 33 800 new vaccination bookings have been made online. Details are as follows:

  Sinovac vaccine BioNTech vaccine
Number of persons receiving first dose 11 300 21 700
Number of persons receiving second dose 12 100 12 100
Overall percentage of persons receiving vaccines at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs) 96% 100%
Number of online bookings for receiving first and second vaccine doses 5 900 27 900

* The numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.
     In the 24 hours ending at 0.00am today, there were 11 cases of ambulance transfer to hospital from CVCs. They were sent to hospital after experiencing common side effects after vaccination and were in stable condition. Seven of them were discharged, three persons were admitted for observation and one person was discharged against medical advice.

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