AFCD launches “Agri enJoy” Scheme to promote development of leisure farming


     The Government announced today (June 25) the "Agri enJoy" Scheme to facilitate farms engaged in commercial agricultural production, with a view to promoting the development of leisure farming in Hong Kong.

     A Government spokesman said, "The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has launched the 'Agri enJoy' Scheme to enable farms engaged in commercial agricultural production to operate agriculture-related ancillary businesses, so as to increase their income and promote their agricultural products. Members of the public will also get a chance to experience and learn more about agricultural production. The Scheme is a highlighted measure under the Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Fisheries for promoting leisure farming."

     Participating farms of the Scheme may operate ancillary businesses including preparation of light meals with self-grown crops and non-flame cooking, provision of "pick-your-own crops" activities, on-farm sale of self-grown crops, and on-farm activities, including guided tours and farming experiences or workshops, which aim at promoting farming education, with a view to creating diverse, enriched and unique visiting experiences for members of the public and visitors to enjoy leisure farming.

     Relevant departments have reviewed the regulations concerned and lifted restrictions to facilitate the development of the trade. According to the revised Definition of Terms used in Statutory Plans promulgated by the Town Planning Board, planning permission is not required for "Agri enJoy" farms to undertake ancillary activities directly related to commercial crop farming and aquaculture endorsed by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation at sites permitted for "Agricultural Use" under the provisions of the relevant statutory plan.

     Furthermore, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, taking into consideration the unique environment of such farms, and without compromising food safety and environmental hygiene, has drawn up a set of relaxed requirements for food business licences.  

     The spokesman noted that the AFCD will enhance promotion and introduction of "Agri enJoy" farms through various channels, such as websites and social media platforms. The AFCD will also continue to organise large-scale events, such as the annual FarmFest and other fishermen and farmers' markets, to assist "Agri enJoy" farms in promoting their agriculture-related ancillary businesses.

     The "Agri enJoy" Scheme and related food business licences are now open for applications. Eligibility for application and other details can be found on the following website:

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