“A Cultural Journey through Half-Century Wah Fu” launched (with photos)


The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Housing Authority:
     The Housing Department (HD), in collaboration with tenants' associations of Wah Fu Estate, local non-profit-making organisations and schools, launched the project "A Cultural Journey through Half-Century Wah Fu" today (April 7) in Wah Fu Estate, Aberdeen.
     Wah Fu Estate had its official opening ceremony in September 1968 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The cultural project aims to promote joint efforts among the HD, Wah Fu Estate residents and local groups to conserve the invaluable historic and cultural elements of the Estate during the course of its future redevelopment.
     The chief designer of Wah Fu Estate, Dr Donald Liao, was invited to officiate at the project's launch ceremony with the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing) and Director of Housing, Mr Stanley Ying, together with representatives from 19 co-organisers of the project and the Southern District Council. Dr Liao was the first Director of Housing from 1973 to 1980.
     At the ceremony, Mr Ying said, "For redeveloping Wah Fu Estate in future, we are committed to engaging Wah Fu residents and the local community to work with us for building a new Wah Fu, and endeavouring to preserve its unique historic and cultural elements.
     "The views of Wah Fu residents, stakeholders and local groups are very important to us, not only in helping to smoothen the redevelopment process, but also in preserving the unique historic and cultural values of Wah Fu."
     The two Directors of Housing also exchanged views on the development of public housing during the session "Half-Century Dialogue between Two Directors". Dr Liao remarked that Wah Fu Estate was the first public housing estate developed as a town in itself and was his favourite estate.
     The HD is collecting residents' views on the redevelopment project, including through a survey among all residents and stakeholders. Immediately following the launch ceremony today, the HD held the first community engagement workshop. About 100 residents and participants from 12 local groups joined the workshop to express their views on the Wah Fu redevelopment plan. The HD will make reference to their opinions when formulating the redevelopment plan. Similar workshops will be held in future.
     To enhance communication with Wah Fu residents and local groups, the HD has launched a newsletter, "On the Road to Redevelopment", through which it will update residents from time to time on news of the redevelopment project. The first edition of the newsletter was published early this month and has been distributed to all Wah Fu Estate tenants.
     Today's activity also featured a series of cultural performances ranging from Cantonese opera to a busking presentation by a group of youngsters. In addition, the Wah Fu Today and Yesterday carnival was also held to exhibit the nostalgic and cultural facets of Wah Fu Estate.

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