The U.K. government aims to make us more dependent on imports


Why can’t government Ministers in key departments see that their idea of decarbonisation  will not cut world CO 2 output but will export jobs and business from us to overseas?

This week  was a double win for the import boosting strategy. Shell announced it does not want to go ahead with a major new oil field off Scotland. This will mean importing  more energy, and making fewer things here that need plenty of energy so importing them as well.

The Business Department is the main driver of shutting down our oil, gas and high energy using businesses. Its wish to price fossil fuel energy out of the market means we struggle to keep steel, ceramics, glass, aluminium and other high energy manufacturing.

Over at Agriculture the Minister seems to regard growing food or rearing animals as bad for the environment. He wants to wild farms and grow wild flowers instead. Presumably  the idea is we should import more of our food.

Let’s have more policies to make and grow things at home which could produce more well paid and worthwhile jobs. The energy shortage this autumn should be a warning that you cannot rely on imports. It is a bad idea to import most things that need fossil fuels whilst stopping us making them at home with less fuel used in transport.

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