The Telegraph offers some strong advice


Time was when the Daily Telegraph was a loyal supporter of the Prime Minister. It often reflected his views. It had been his generous and tolerant employer for many years.

Yesterday the paper was brilliant. It urged him to follow up on his decision not to lock England down for Christmas and the New Year, but to get everyone back to work. We need to live with the virus and curb it with vaccines, treatments and individual judgements of risk.

It ran the need to abate the cost of living crisis. It proposed cutting the tax burden. It highlighted the dangers of the Chancellor’s high tax policies. It backed removing the National Insurance rise and challenged the Treasury removing our investment advantage of having relatively low Corporation Tax.

It warned of the energy crisis and ran an article proposing producing more of our own U.K. oil and gas.

I urge the PM to read this and to reflect on it. It comes  from a friendly institution that wishes him well.

Let me add an appeal to the forces in government that are holding him back from these better policies. They usually want to keep us close to EU rules and thinking. So let us copy the EU’s latest policy of designating gas as a green fuel and procuring more of it. We have the added advantage we can produce our own.

They also like us to cosy up to Democrat Presidents in the USA. We should copy Joe Biden in licensing more exploration, development and production of gas.

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