The Planning Inspectorate is improving the application process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure and Common Land Projects. Help us get things right by taking part in a research session!


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As part of our continuing work to improve the service we offer to customers we are looking for people to take part in research with us.

We are conducting a discovery phase on our applications service – which covers National Infrastructure and Common Land. This is a great opportunity to influence how the service should be delivered in the future.

A discovery is the first phase in a Government Digital Service (GDS) defined process to create user-centred public services.

In a discovery, we focus on understanding the problem that needs to be solved from a customer perspective. One way we are doing this is running user research with the various users of our applications service.

We are looking for people to take part in user research over January and February 2021 who are either: • National Infrastructure Project applicants (or their advisers) • Common Land Project applicants (or their advisers) • Anyone involved as an Interested Party in either a National Infrastructure or Common Land application(s) – or their advisers. Ideally the application you’ve been involved with should have been decided up to 5 years ago, and be closed.

You can register your interest if you’d like to take part in our research.

Published 14 January 2021

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