Securing sustainable funding for the UN’s vital work to support Palestinian refugees: Lord Ahmad statement at UNGA


I am grateful to Sweden, Jordan and the UN Secretary-General for bringing us together.

Let me begin by thanking UNRWA for your tireless work to support Palestinian refugees.

You play an important role in helping to maintain stability in an increasingly fragile region, and the UK will continue to support you in every way we can.

We announced a new multi-year funding agreement with UNRWA earlier this year.

This year, we will provide £15m of funding to help you continue delivering high-quality services.

I hope that all donors will consider similar predictable multi-year funding so that UNWRA can continue its vital work.

We are, however, alive to the real financial challenges the agency faces.

We commend your efforts to get on to a more viable financial footing and address the chronic funding shortfall.

But these efforts alone will not be enough.

We urge UNWRA to continue work on a robust and realistic plan for resource mobilisation, and on clear contingency plans to manage future financial challenges.

Member States should continue to think creatively about opportunities to support UNRWA to resolve its perennial financial crisis and deliver on its mandate. This includes reviewing opportunities outlined in the 2017 paper by the UN Secretary General.

Let me finish by reiterating that a negotiated, two-state solution is the only viable means of bringing the peace and stability that both Palestinians and Israelis deserve.

Until that day, the UK will continue to support UNRWA and its vital work.

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