Review of Government’s bovine TB strategy published


13 November 2018

Responding to the conclusions of the ‘Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) strategy review 2018′ [1], Keith Taylor MEP, the Green Party of England and Wales’ spokesperson on animal rights, said:

“This report makes for frustrating reading. The findings make it clear that cattle movements, land management and poor biosecurity measures are the main driving force behind the spread of bTB in England. At the same time, it highlights that the main use of the inhumane and hugely expensive badger cull is to placate farmers otherwise reluctant to take the less bloodthirsty but more effective measures.”

“It is worth pointing out, as Sir Godfray does, that the review was specifically asked not to look at the effectiveness of the current badger cull with Ministers fearful it would have exposed the fact the government has consistently been unable to muster any reliable data to demonstrate its effectiveness.”

“Ultimately, the report calls on the government to urgently adopt humane bTB controls, including vaccinations, that aren’t based on blind ideology or appeasing vested interests. It is time to end to put an end to the Tories’ mass badger extermination programme once and for all.”

On claims that the report supports the current culling programme, Mr Taylor added:

“Anyone spinning today’s findings as a vindication of the current badger cull is deliberately misleading the public and farmers. The government explicitly limited the scope of this review to ensure it couldn’t be critical of nor call for an end to the current inhumane badger cull policy. But, as veterinary surgeons exposed only yesterday, lies and misrepresentation are a common tactic used to defend the Conservatives’ cruel, expensive and ineffective cull.”


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