Pop-up campsites need to check their flood risk say Environment Agency


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Farmers and landowners setting up temporary campsites for the summer holidays are being urged to have a flood plan in place to keep campers safe.

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Campsites can be particularly vulnerable to flooding

Flooding can happen very quickly bringing a significant risk to life and campsites can be particularly vulnerable. Taking steps to prepare for flooding, and knowing what to do in a flood, can significantly reduce risk to life and reduce the damages to a business.

The Environment Agency are advising all campsite owners to:

Ben Johnstone, Environment Agency Area Flood Manager for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly said:

We have written to all registered caravan and campsites but the information is also really important for temporary campsites. We urge all campsite owners to be aware of their responsibilities and to check their flood risk; owners should consider flood risk as seriously as fire risk.

Flash floods can happen at any time of year. In Devon and Cornwall some of the area’s most severe flooding has happened during the summer months, such as Boscastle in August 2004 and Coverack in July 2017.

Last August (2020) Storm Ellen and then Storm Francis both hit in the summer holiday season bringing heavy rain and flood warnings across the region.

Owners can find more information on how to prepare for flooding, what to do during and after a flood and how to prepare a site flood plan at www.gov.uk/guidance/camping-and-caravan-sites-minimise-your-flood-risk.

Published 20 July 2021

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