News story: NDA reveals its commercial ambitions at NIA Decom2018 conference


Speaking at the Nuclear Industry Association’s (NIA) Decom2018 event, in London, Kate said the aspiration would be achieved by colleagues across the NDA group working together towards a common goal.

Kate takes responsibility for the organisation’s procurement, contract management and commercial activities associated with cleaning up the UK’s civil nuclear legacy.

It is the first major event she has spoken at in her new role, and she took the opportunity to reveal to industry representatives how the NDA is transforming its procurement and contract management capabilities.

Kate, who joined the NDA in November 2017, said:

We are in the process of strengthening our approach to contracting: becoming better, more efficient, clearer, providing best value for taxpayers.

This is about getting better at awarding the contracts but also, equally importantly, making sure the work performed is in line with those contracts and the costs agreed in them. Across government, and within our own group of businesses, this is an emerging theme.

We are also identifying new opportunities to minimise the cost of decommissioning to the taxpayer. One way in which we’re doing this is generating revenue through our intellectual property in international markets.

To date, there have been a number of revenue-generating agreements ranging in value, from £10,000s to millions.

We are in the middle of exciting times across the estate.

The two-day event, which welcomed delegates from around the world, covered topics on nuclear decommissioning, hazard reduction and waste management. It was held at London’s County Hall.
Exhibitions from the sector’s top organisations gave visitors the chance to network and learn more about opportunities in the nuclear decommissioning sector.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA, said:

It was a pleasure to have Kate speak at our Decom2018 conference this week, particularly as this was the first major engagement she has taken part in since she joined the NDA in November 2017.

The NIA’s 2017 Activity Report, published in December found that the nuclear industry provides over 65,000 jobs and £6.4 billion GVA contribution every year, with £1.6 billion of this contribution coming from the North West of England, home to the most complex decommissioning site in the world.

Decom2018 is an important opportunity to showcase such the end of life benefits of nuclear power to the UK, and to set out the agenda for the future.

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