News story: Civil news: use online resources and save time on helpline calls


Remember to use our quick guides and training resources when working in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

Our CCMS ‘quick guides’ and training modules are essential resources to help you work efficiently and avoid time-consuming calls to our customer service lines.

This is the first in a series of articles to help signpost you to the guidance and resources you need to work as efficiently as possible in CCMS.

Below are examples of ‘quick guides’ available to look at which deal with areas we regularly receive calls about:

Quick guides

  • responding to a show cause – what to do if your certificate has a show cause
  • provider transfer – responsibilities when a case transfers from one firm to another
  • submitting electronic evidence – how to upload documents in CCMS
  • single stage and dual stage emergency delegated applications – how to create emergency applications and the processes for converting them into substantive ones at a later date

CCMS training website

Provider quick guides:

Managing live cases – see ‘Responding to a show cause’ and ‘Provider transfer’

Navigation in CCMS – see ‘Submitting electronic evidence’

Making an initial application – range of modules on ‘emergency’ applications

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