News story: Cefshot DC 250mg Intramammary Suspension for Cattle – Product defect recall alert


Product defect recall alert for Cefshot DC 250mg Intramammary Suspension for Cattle by Zoetis UK Ltd.

We wish to make wholesalers and veterinary surgeons aware that Zoetis UK Ltd has issued a recall of Cefshot DC 250mg Intramammary Suspension for Cattle (Vm 42058/4183).

Zoetis UK Ltd has identified that there is a small possibility that some syringes from the batches listed below, have not been correctly sterilised. As such, these batches are being recalled from the market with immediate effect to the veterinary practice level.

This issue impacts on the following batches that have been placed on the UK market; details of which are provided in the table below.

Batch Number Pack Size Expiry Date Vm No.
ABE031A Bucket of 120 syringes April 2019 42058/4183
ABE031A Box of 24 syringes April 2019 42058/4183
ALS018A Bucket of 120 syringes July 2019 42058/4183
ALS018A Box of 24 syringes July 2019 42058/4183

Zoetis UK Ltd is contacting wholesale dealers and veterinary surgeons to arrange return of affected batches.

If you have any queries in relation to the recall, or wish to report a suspected adverse reaction, contact Zoetis Technical Services on 0845 300 8034, option 1.

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