Lifting confidence


Confidence is a precious flower. It is easily damaged or lost. The last three years have seen the UK’s standing at home and abroad damaged by political indecision. It has been undermined by a new coarseness of language and an anger of debate by some, and by MPs in the last Parliament who promised one thing to their electors to get elected in the 2017 election, only to do the opposite once elected.

Instead of a newly independent UK  developing better trade contacts with the rest of the world whilst continuing with many links, contracts and partnerships with businesses, individuals and institutions in  the EU, the UK was dragged down by its very own Parliament. The Parliament first voted to send the letter of withdrawal  from the EU, then did everything in its power to undermine the UK government’s negotiating position in the long talks that followed. Now in this election all  the opposition parties from the last Parliament seek to prevent or delay Brexit. They wish to prolong the agony, expose the UK to a longer period of uncertainty, and strengthen the hand of the EU even more in yet more  negotiations .

A second referendum cannot unite the country behind a single course of action. The Lib Dems have already said they would ignore another  vote to Leave. Why should Leave voters accept a second referendum result in  the unlikely event that  it went the other way, when their decision to leave has so far not been implemented. For the sake of UK democracy we have to accept the result of votes.

Remain politicians have always complained about anything which undermines confidence and defers investment. They must  see it is their attempts to stop or delay Brexit further that is now the main cause of the  very uncertainty they dislike. The economy can do well from here, but ending the political  uncertainty would help.

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