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The Telegraph offers some strong advice

Time was when the Daily Telegraph was a loyal supporter of the Prime Minister. It often reflected his views. It had been his generous and tolerant employer for many years.

Yesterday the paper was brilliant. It urged him to follow up on his decision not to lock England down for Christmas...Read More »

A test for the Foreign Secretary

I wish the Foreign Secretary well in her new role sorting out the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It is important she stands up to the EU. She needs to rub out the wrong  statement by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland that the U.K. might need to break international law in...Read More »

We have our own fuel. Why are we relying on the goodwill of foreigners.

The  Express on line has run my piece on domestic energy production in place of imports in the Comment section. comment

...Read More »


In 2010 President Yanukovych was elected President of Ukraine. International observers did not claim the election  was unfair. As an Eastern Ukrainian with sympathies for Russia in 2014 the President rejected the draft EU Association Agreement and opted for closer ties with Russia. This was highly contentious in western Ukraine...Read More »

Brexit at the Environment Department.

The good news at the Environment Department is they did grasp the big opportunity that leaving the EU offers when it comes to ending our involvement with the Common Agricultural policy. Over the years it inflicted considerable damage on the UK. It left us short of milk quotas, shrinking our...Read More »

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