Green Party response to new Ofgem price cap


25 May 2023

Responding to the new Ofgem price cap [1], Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:

“The new price cap underlines the urgent need to transition away from more expensive, environmentally damaging fossil fuels as fast as possible, both for the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis.

“Even with a lower price cap, bills are still higher than before the energy crisis and are likely to remain high for the future.

“So, the most financially and environmentally sustainable way to get people’s bills down is to focus on reducing the amount of energy people need to use.

“We need an emergency grant to homeowners, landlords and councils to fund immediate insulation improvements to those at risk of fuel poverty, so that those who need support most urgently get it first.

“And the UK must immediately take the simple and overdue step of breaking the link between electricity and gas prices, to end the absurd situation where even when electricity is being generated cheaply from renewables, everyone pays the much higher cost of electricity produced by gas power stations. 

“It is common sense that a nationwide insulation and renewable energy programme will create warmer, more comfortable homes for everyone, creating millions of jobs, reducing bills for homes and businesses, stabilising the economy and reducing carbon emissions.”


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